Platonic philosophy in the Middle Ages accepted the idea that theology was a central focus of Platonic teaching, even if somehow in conflict with Christian theology. Such a view was due to the profound and indisputable influence of the Platonic work on the formation of Jewish and Christian theology.

The first day of the international conference DA ALESSANDRIA A COSTANTINOPOLI La filosofia platonica e la teologia cristiana (284-1453), which took place in Venice on 25 and 26 October 2021, was held at the Scuola Grande di San Marco. Its subjects were the systematization of Neoplatonism and the intense activity of the Christian Fathers in relation to the creation of a theology that would be equal to ancient philosophy.

The second day of the conference, held at the historic headquarters of the Hellenic Institute of Venice, was dedicated to the relationship between theology and Platonic philosophy and to analyzing the situation of the churches of Alexandria and Thessaloniki according to the proceedings of the V and VI Ecumenical Councils.