Guests Researchers

Another category of researchers are those hosted by the Hellenic Institute of Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies in Venice, at their request, to conduct research in the Venetian archives and libraries. The number of these researchers is small due to the limited number of rooms available at the Institute.

According to the Guests’ Researcher Regulations, the Institute can host Greek and foreign scientists in its facilities at the suggestion of the President to the Supervisory Committee and in accordance with the current Hospitality Regulations established by the Honorary Scientific Council. The duration of hospitality cannot exceed one month.

The object of the research or collaboration concerns themes of history, philology, theology, history of art, but also related humanistic disciplines, in the byzantine and post-byzantine period. Each request for hospitality must be presented on time and must be accompanied by relative documentation. The relative submission forms are available on the Institute’s website and, after being diligently filled in, must be submitted electronically to the Institute’s Secretariat.

The application includes a documented description of the research, the data to be searched in the libraries and archives of Venice, as well as the expected times for its development. In particular, post-graduates and doctoral students must submit an additional letter of recommendation from the supervisor, in which the objectives of the research in progress must be indicated.

The visiting researchers pay the price foreseen by the respective Regulations for each night upon their arrival in Venice. This amount covers the maintenance and cleaning needs of the rooms.

At the end of the stay, guests must submit a detailed report on the research carried out to the Secretariat of the Institute. They must then send a copy of their completed research (articles, studies, independent research) to the Institute Library.


The register is completed after the approval for hosting and is delivered upon arrival at the Secretariat

The summary of research activities is submitted before departure at the Secretariat