The Hellenic Institute of Venice has a rich modern library of about 28,000 titles, with important scientific books that refer mainly to Byzantine and post-Byzantine History, Literature and Art, to the History of the Venetian-occupied Greek territories, but also to Italian and European History and Literature in general. The volumes that are included into the library come mainly from acquisitions, as well as donations or exchanges. The latest acquisition regards the donation, from the Diocese of Italy to the Institute, of the personal library of the blessed Archbishop of Italy Gennadios, consisting of approximately 2,000 volumes. The library of the Institute also holds a significant number of international scientific journals; is the only library in Italy that holds the most important series of Greek journals, thus covering the research needs of the wider scientific community of Venice.

An integral part of the Institute’s library is dedicated to manuscripts, incunabula and rare books.


The Institute holds a collection of 47 Greek manuscripts. Among them of particular interest are: three illuminated Gospels on parchment (12th-14th century), the manuscript of Pseudo-Kallisthenes, The Narration of Alexander, of the 14th century with 250 color miniatures, autograph notebooks of Gabriel Severus (1581-1588), several musical manuscripts and the book of “Prothesis” or “Parrhēsíā” of the church of St. George of the Greeks. In the latter, the names of the benefactors of the church are listed along with their places of origin, which were mentioned during the holy mass.

Early printed books & 
rare books library

The library of the Hellenic Institute’s manuscripts includes more than three thousand titles of Greek and foreign language volumes, which come from the rich library of the Flangini College. They concern works of philosophy, rhetoric, theology, mathematics, geography, pedagogy, commercial textbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, grammars, etc. of a vast period from the 16th century to the end of the 19th century. Many of them are printed in the Greek-owned printing houses of Venice, such as those of Glikis, Theodosiou, Saint George and Phoenix. 

The collection of the Early printed books and rare books is currently being catalogued to create a database and continue with the printed edition of a modern scientific catalog.

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