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Scientific Publications

The scientific work of the Institute is reflected in its publications. The publishing activity of the Institute began a few years after its founding, in 1962, with the publication of the annual scientific journal “Thesaurismata” and with the publication of the catalog of the collection of images of the Institute compiled by Manolis Hatzidakis (Icônes de Saint-Georges des Grecs et de la collection del’Institut Hellénique de Venise). From 1962 until today the Hellenic Institute numbers 48 volumes of “Thesaurismata” and over 100 editions of books distributed in the various series such as Library, Greek-Latin East, Sources, Conferences, Thomas Flanginis, Activity Reports, etc.

Annual scientific journal "Thesaurismata"

From 1962 until today, the Hellenic Institute has published 48 volumes of “Thesaurismata”.

I. Library of the Hellenic Institute in Venice
1. Manolis Chatzidakis, Icons in the Greek church of St George and in the collection of the Hellenic Institute in Venice (in French), Venice 1962.
2. Andre Xyngopoulos, The miniatures in the manuscript of the Alexander the Great romance at the Hellenic Institute in Venice (text in Greek and French), Athens-Venice 1966.
3. Manoussos I. Manoussacas, Unpublished patriarchal letters (1547-1806) to the Archbishops of Philadelphia in Venice and to the Greek Orthodox Confraternity (in Greek), Venice 1968.
4. Art and society in Byzantium under the Palaiologan emperors. Proceedings of a Symposium held in Venice by the International Association for Byzantine Studies in September 1968 (papers in French and other languages), Venice 1971.
5. Vassilios N. Tatakis, Gerasimos Vlachos of Crete (1605/7-1685), philosopher, theologian, philologist (in Greek), Venice 1973.
6. In memory of Sophia Antoniadis (papers in Greek, English, French, German and Italian), Venice 1974.
7. Andre Grabar, Gold and silver coverings on medieval Byzantine icons (in French), Venice 1975.
8. Manolis Chatzidakis, Icons in the Greek Church of St George and in the collection of the Hellenic Institute: Album (text in Greek and French), Venice 1975.
9. Elisabeth Santschi, Abstracts of Civil Judgements and of Memoranda (1363-1399) from the archives of the Duke of Crete (in French), Venice 1976.
10. Andre Grabar - M. Manoussacas, The illustrations in the Skylitzes manuscript in the National Library of Madrid (in French), Venice 1979.
11. Elisabeth A. Zachariadou, Trade and Crusade. Venetian Crete and the Emirates of Menteshe and Aydin (1300-1415) (in English), Venice 1983.
12. Nikolaos N. Panagiotakis, Frangiskos Leondaritis (Londariti), a sixteenth-century Cretan musician: Documents on his life and works (in Greek), Venice 1990.
13. M. I. Manousakas – I. G. Skoulas, The registry records of the Greek Confraternity in Venice, I: Marriage registrations (1599-1815) (in Greek), Venice 1993.
14-15. Origins of Modern Greek literature. Proceedings of the Second International Congress on “Neograeca Medii Aevi” (Venice, 7-10 November 1991), edited by Nikolaos M. Panagiotakis, (papers in Greek, English, French, German and Italian), Venice 1993.
16. Evro Layton, The sixteenth-century Greek book in Italy. Printers and publishers for the Greek world (in English), Venice 1994.
17. Philellin. In honour of Robert Browning, edited by A.D. Angelou, C.N.Constantinides, E. Jeffreys and N.M. Panayiotakes (Panagiotakis) (nineteen papers in English, six in German, three in French, one in Italian and one in Greek), Venice 1996.
18. Flowers of the Graces (37 papers in Greek, 2 in Italian), edited by N. M. Panagiotakis, Venice 1998.
19. Rich and poor in the society of the Greco-Latin East. International Symposium, edited by Chryssa Maltezou(papers in Greek, English, French and Italian), Venice 1998.
20. Stella Frigerio-Zeniou,“Italo-Byzantine” art in sixteenth-century Cyprus, three examples of religious painting: Panagia Roditou, the Latin chapel and Panagia Iamatiki (in French), Venice 1998.
21. The Middle Ages, Latin and Eastern: Travelling texts, Third International Symposium (Venice 10-13 October 1996), Proceedings edited by Antonio Pioletti e Francesca Rizzo Nervo (Indices by Giovanna Carbonaro and Carmela Licari), Soveria Mannelli (Catanzaro) 1999.
22. Chryssa Maltezou, Engravings in the Hellenic Institute in Venice (in Greek), Venice 2000.
23. Chryssa A. Maltezou, Anna Palaiologina Notara (in Greek), Venice 2004.
24. Anastassia Papadia - Lala, Citizen communities as an institution in Greek territory in the period of Venetian domination (13th-17th centuries) (in Greek), Venice 2004.
25. Elena Papastavrou, Iconographic research on western and Byzantine art from the 11th to the 15th century. The Annunciation (in Italian), Venice 2007.
26. Chryssa Maltezou, Guide to the Archive (in Greek), Venice-Athens 2008.
27. ΦΙΛΑΝΑΓΝΩΣΤΗΣ, Studies in honour of Marino Zorzi, edited by Chryssa Maltezou, Peter Shreiner e Margherita Losacco, Venice 2008.

28. Walter Puchner, Old and New Testament, Anonymous cretan poet. Comments ed observations, Venice 2009 (in Greek).

29† George Galavaris, An eleventh Century Hexaptych of the Saint Catherine’s Monastery at Mount Sinai, Venice-Athens 2009
30. Greece during venetocracy. Approach to its history, vol.1-2, scientific direction by Chryssa Maltezou, Athens-Venice 2010 (in Greek).
II. Oriens Graecolatinus
1. Ioannis Olokalos, notary in Ierapetra, register (1496-1543), edited by Giannis K. Mavromatis, (in Greek), Venice 1994.
2. Gian Carlo Persio, La nobilissima barriera della Canea, a Cretan poem (1594), introduction, critical edition and commentary Cristiano Luciani (in Italian), Venice 1994..
3. Andrea Nanetti, The Nani archive in the Greek National Library in Athens: documentary heuristics on the Venetian Morea (in Italian), Venice 1996.
4. Anastassia Papadia-Lala, Hospices and hospitals in Crete under Venetian rule (Greek, with an Italian summary), Venice 1996.
5. Alexis M. Malliaris, Alessandro Pini’s unpublished description of the Peloponnese (1703) (introduction in Greek with Italian summary), Venice 1997.
6. Aglaia E. Kasdagli, Land and marriage settlements in the Aegean, a case study of seventeenth-century Naxos (in English), Venice 1999.
7. Jeannine Vereecken, Lydie Hadermann-Misguich, The oracles of Leo the Wise illustrated by Georgios Klontzas: The Barrozzi version in the Bute manuscript (in French), Venice 2000.
III. Graecolatinitas Nostra - Sources
1. Franciscus De Cruce, Notary in Candia 1338-1339, edited by Charalambos Gasparis, (introduction in Greek) Venice 1999.
2. The reports of the Venetian Provveditori in Zakynthos (Zante), 16th-18th centuries, edited by Dimitris Arvanitakis, (text in Italian, Introduction and synopses in Greek), Venice 2000.
3. The death certificates of Greeks in the archive of the church of Sant’Antonin in Venice (1569-1810), edited by Chryssa MaltezouGeorgios Plumidis, Venice 2001.
4. ire debeas in rettorem Caneae. The commission of the Doge of Venice to the Rettore (governor) of Chania, 1589, edited by Chryssa A. Maltezou, (introduction and synopses in Greek), Venice 2002.
5. Antonio Pandimo, L’amorosa fede, pastoral tragicomedy, edited by Cristiano Luciani con la collaborazione di Alfred Vincent, (in Italian), Venice 2003.
6. The Old and New Testament, an anonymous Cretan poem (late 15th-early 16th century), critical edition by the late Nikolaos M. Panagiotaskis, prepared for publications byStefanos Kaklamanis, Jannis K. Mavromatis, (in Greek)Venice 2004.
7. Giorgio Denores, Discourse on the island of Cyprus with an account of the true succession in that Kingdom, edited by Paschalis M. Kitromilides, (Italian and English), Venice 2006.
8. Memories of seventeenth-century Crete: L’Occio (Time of leisure) by Zuanne Papadopoli, critical edition with English translation, introduction, commentary and glossary by Alfred Vincent, Venice 2007.
IV. Conferences

1. Italy-Greece: topics in comparative historiography (20-21 October 2000) (papers in Italian and English), Venice 2001.

2. The Venetian contribution to the formation of Greek taste, 15th-17th centuries (2-3 June 2000) (papers in Italian and English), Venice 2001.

3. Printing and illustration in the Greek book in Venice in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries (28 October 2000) (papers in Italian and English), Venice 2001.
4. Christ in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine art (22-23 September 2000), edited by Chryssa A. Maltezou and George Galavaris, Venezia 2002 (testo in italiano, francese e inglese).
5. Byzantium, Venice and the Franco-Greek world (13th-15th centuries) (1-2 December 2000), edited by Chryssa A. Maltezou and Peter Schreiner, (papers in Italian, French and English), Venice 2002.
6. Cyprus-Venice: shared historical fortunes (Athens, 1-3 March 2001), edited by Chryssa A. Maltezou, (papers in Greek, Italian, English and French), Venice 2002.
7. Venetian Rethymno, proceedings of the symposium (Rethymno, 1-2 November 2002), edited by Chryssa Maltezou, Aspassia Papadaki (in Greek), Venice 2003.

8. Venice and Kythera, proceedings of the International Symposium (Venice, 6-7 December 2002), edited by Marina Koumanoudi, Chryssa Maltezou, (papers in Greek, English, French and Italian), Venice 2003.


9. Gabriel Seviros, Archbishop of Philadelphia in Venice, and his times, proceedings of a study day in memory of Manoussos Manoussacas (Venice, 26 September 2003), edited by D.G. Apostolopulos (papers in Italian and French), Venice 2004.


10. Venice – Euboia (Evvia), from Egripos to Negroponte, proceedings of the international conference (Chalkida, 12-14 November 2004), edited by Chryssa A. Maltezou, Cristina E. Papakosta, (papers in Greek, English, French and Italian), Venice and Athens 2006.


11. Beyond death. Wills of Greeks and Venetians drawn up in Venice or in Venetian Greek territories, 13th-18th centuries. Proceedings of the colloquium (22-23 January 2007), edited by Chryssa Maltezou and Gogo Varzelioti, (papers in English, Italian and French), Venice 2008.


12. After the two conquests of Constantinople (1204, 1453): Ideological heirs of Byzantium, Proceedings of the international conference (Venice, 4-5 December 2006), edited by Marina Koumanoudi and Chryssa Maltezou, (papers in Italian, English and French), Venice 2008.


13. Greeks during venetocracy: people, space, ideas (XIII-XVIII), Proceedings of the international conference, Venice, 3-7 December 2007, edited by Cryssa Maltezou – Angeliki Tzavara – Despina Vlassi, Venice 2009


14. Venice – Argos. Signs of Venetian presence in Argos and its region (Argos, 11 October 2008), edited by Chryssa Maltezou – Angeliki Panopoulou, Athens–Venice 2010 (in Greek, Italian, English and French).



15. The Adriatic, meetings and separations (XVII-XIX century) Proceedings of the international conference, (Corfù 29-30 April 2010) edited by Francesco Bruni e Chryssa Maltezou, Athens – Venice 2010 (in Greek, Italian and English).


V. Doctoral Theses (Series "Tommaso Flangini")


1. Katerina Konstantinidou, Il mal va serpendo… Epidemics of plague in the Ionian Islands (17th-18th centuries) (in Greek), Venice 2007.
2. Alexis Malliaris, The city of Patras under Venetian rule (1687-1715) (in Greek), Venice 2009.