A lecture of prof. Anil Kumar Singh

A lecture for fellows of the Hellenic Institute was held on Wednesday 24 May 2023 by Mr. Anil Kumar Singh, Professor of the Department of Modern Greek at JNU University, New Delhi, India, on the theme of the eternal “dialogue” of Greek Culture and Indian, with the participation of Dr. Frederick Laurizen, Dr. Delphine Laurizen, the President of the Supervisory Committee of the Hellenic Institute of Venice, prof. Christos Arambatzis, as well as the Asst. Director of Antiquities of the Ministry of Culture dott. Maria Marthari.The action was implemented within the cooperation of the two institutions, EIB and JNU, on the initiative of the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikolaos Dendias, and the Secretary General for Greeks abroad and Public Diplomacy, John Chrysoulakis.